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Here's a work in progress. A breakdown listing what set the Acadians and Beaumonts apart from its GM counter parts.
Ok, to be clear from the get go, the information noted here, like a lot thats out their in regards to the Acadian and Beaumont is not written in stone. Additional information and revisions (Im sure) will be added over time. Feel free to email with additional information or corrections. Thanks!
 Year to Year Breakdown 
The 1962 Invader body styles were 2 and 4 door sedans plus station wagon. Upper scale Beaumont included these bodies along with convertible and 2 door coupes. Base price started at 2,383.00. Their were 14.654 Acadians registered in 1962. This placed the Acadian in 11th place in overall Canadian cars sales. 1164 Beamonts 2 dr htp's produced.
  • Unique Acadian grille, split Pontiac style.  
  • A.C.A.D.I.A.N lettering on lower grille fill panel   
  • Unique side trim, moldel to model.
  • Base Acadian, like the base Chev II had no side trim  
  • Identification emblems (make, model)
  • Unique 6 cylinder fender emblem
  • Chrome fender sites
  • Trunk lid  "A". Beaumont models carried a chrome strip off each side of the A to the trunk lid edge 
  • Radio with Acadian spelt out
  • Gauge cluster with an "A" where the clock would be.
  • Clock is smaller than Chevy II equivalent
  • Upholstery differed from Chevy II 
  • Horn button with "A" 
  • Hub caps


1963 sales were up slightly to 14,707 though the Acadians dropped to 14th place in overall Canadian sells. Still a notch above the Ford Falcon. Sport Deluxe was introduced in 1963 and a 2 door sedan Beaumont was no longer available. Base price started 2,401.00


1964 - five engines were available in the Acadian; 153, 194, 230 and 2-283's (195 and 220hp). Transmissions; 3spd standard, and 2spd powerglide only. Canso station wagon was made available. The 153 inch 4cyl was only available in the Invader. Base price; 2,401. In 1964 you could not purchase a Canso 2 door hardtop. Sales were down in 1964 to 7,189

First year for Chevelle based Acadian Beaumont. Base engine being the Chevrolet 194 cubic inch 120hp. Power up to including the 283, 220hp. Transmissions included the 3 spd standard, 2 spd powerglide and an optional (V8's only) 4spd. Unlike the Chevy II based Acadian interiors, Acadian Beaumont interiors were derived from the Pontiac Tempest. Total production 8,815.

Unique to the Acadian Beaumont;

  • hub caps - all  models
  • V8 emblems
  • side trim
  • grilles
  • headlight buckets
  • hood spear
  • front marker light lenses
  • radio (acadian script)
  • horn button
  • tail lights
  • rear bumper (with back up light cut outs)
  • horn button
  • seat fabric (similar to but not the same as Tempest)
  • fender and hood trim
  • sport deluxe emblems

1964 Acadian Beaumont dash top clock was chrome

Tempest/Lemans derived interiors. When bucket seats and floor console were ordered, the Chevelle console was used.

1964-69 Acadian, Beaumont radio delete cover same as Tempest/Lemans.


1965 sales were down again; 6,390. Base price was 2,433. The hardtop Acadian was once again available.. Their were 274 SD Acadian Beaumonts produced and 23 L-79 cars. 6600 Acadian Beaumonts produced, lowest number between 64-69.

hood spear - 65 Beaumont and Chevelle differ. Beaumont is approximately 1/2 the length. No hood spear on base model Beaumont (nor Chevelle)

1965 Acadian Beaumont dash top clock was painted

1965 Acadian Beaumonts did not have the L/R filler panels below the grill where as the Chevelle did. 

In 1965, Canada-U.S. Auto Trade agreement signed resulting in extensive plant and product realignment.


In 1966, the enimic 4 cyl was no longer available.The opposite was true for the Chevy II / Nova where you could get the 4 cylinder through 1968. Base price for the Acadian was 2,507. The 327-350hp (L79) was available, 85 were produced.. The autopact was starting to have an impact as the Acadian line was now down to 6 models. The Canso station wagon was no longer available. Their were. 7,366 Acadians sold in 1966.

Total Beaumont SD production equaled 3318.

1966 - 6cyl SD Beaumont convertible was no longer available

No L79 (327 / 325HP) was available in '66 Beaumonts

396 powered Sport Deluxe models did not use the Chevelle  doomed hood (1966 or '67)


In 1967 their were 4,850 Acadians registered. Interior patterns were taking on more of the Chevy II styling. Base price equalled 2,571, approximately 25.00 more than the base Chevy II. The last Acadian built in Canada was completed in June 1967. The remainder of Acadians were manufactured at GM's Willow Run facility along with the Chevy II/Nova (and Corvair).  

1967 Beaumont Custom's produced were 3452. This does not include the 451 SD Beaumonts.  Then there are early '67 Beaumont SD's included within the production number of 3452. To clarify, early 1967 Beaumont SD's were an option package on the Beaumont Custom, therefore they are included in the production totatl of 3452 V8 cars. The production total of 451 cars is when the Beaumont SD became a seperate model of its own...again.

1967, Acadians used 1966 fenders, headlight rings.

1967 Beaumont Sport Deluxe option was not available until Jan. '67. Prior to that you ordered the top of the line Custom.

Their were 70 1967 SD convertibles built.   


1968 Acadian - blacked out grille excluding the second from the bottom and second from the top ribs.Grille is unique to 1968 as chrome strips were used. Interior style and material was now the same as the Nova with Acadian logo's replacing the Nova's. Base engine was now the 230, the 250 was optional, new was the 307, 327/275hp and 350/295hp which was only available if you chose the SS option (no longer SD) which ran approximately 240.00. Base price was now 2,696. Total Acadian sales equalled 5,353. 

Beaumont SD sales equaled 702.

Prior to 1968, you could purchase an SD with any engine. Six or V8.

1968 Beaumont SD396 2 dr hardtops, 608 sold in Canada

Their were 66 1968 SD convertibles built  


1969 Beaumont 2 dr sedan with the V8, 688 sold in Canada 

Beaumont, the first casuality of the autopact?


70 hood lip trim used one maple leaf

70 Acadian SS; L78, L34 or L48


71 Acadian's hood script used a red back ground behind the word ACADIAN

71 Acadian SS available with L48 only


Additional Information

  • Beaumont SD 1/4 panel louvers (65-67) 
  • 6cyl and V8 identification emblems  
  • Fender chrome/grille surround (64-67 Beaumont)
  • 68-69 Beaumont back up lights in rear filler panel
  • Chrome fender sites (62-64 acadian only)
  • Tail lights (62-67 Acadians, 64-69 Beaumonts)   
  • 64-65 Acadian Beaumont headlight buckets 
  • Acadian SD fender louvers (66-67)
  • Trunk lid trim (62-67 Acadians, 64-65 Beaumonts)
  • Rear filler panel trim (66-69 Beaumont) 
  • Rear bumper (acadian/beaumont withh optional back up light cut outs)
  • Radio with Acadian or Beaumont script (excluding 68-9 Beaumont - no script)
  • Gauge cluster with Acadian logo 
  • Clock (optional) with Acadian logo
  • Horn button (with "A",  Acadian or maple leaf(s)
  • Unique interior patterns 
  • Hub caps 
  • Acadian hood script (63-64 acadian)
  • Hood spear 

Though Chevelle used amber front signal light lenses, Beaumonts never did. Canadian federal law did not mandate them thus they were clear.

1964-1969 Beaumonts used Tempest / Lemans interiors. Some pattern, material was unique to Beaumonts

Acadian, Acadian Beaumonts were produced at GM's Oshawa facility along side Chevy II's and Chevelle's distined for the Canadian market.

All 1968 through '71 Acadians were produced in Michigan at GM's Willow Run plant along side the Chevy II/Nova and exported to Canada

1968-69 Acadian distinctive V8 emblem was located below the front side marker lights where as the 1970 were located above the light.

1968-69 Beaumont SD's were all big block 396 cars

You could get a maximum of 350hp with your 396 SD Beaumont. The 375hp 396 version was not available to the Beaumont buyer  

68-69 Acadian hood lip trim used 3 red maple leafs

Chevrolet 1000 series, Pontiac 2000, Oldsmobile 3000, Buick 4000, gmc 5000, Caddilliac 6000, Acadian/Canadian Pontiac 7000

Willow run Acadians used a 7 to distuguish from the nova which was produced on the same production lines.

Total Beaumont sales, approximately 73,000

1968 Acadian

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