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Car Tunes...You will not find a more complete list anywhere! 
The height of the Hot Rod song craze was between the years 1961-1965. Writers such as Gary Usher, Brian Wilson, Jan Berry and Roger Christian were creating and recording songs daily. So many songs were being pumped out in fact, studio bands were created to get the songs out to the demanding puplic as quickly as possible.  These guys had nitro running through their veins and wrote about what they loved, cars, surf and girls...and not necessarily in that order. The music is generally very good as the best studio musicians were hired for the recordings, Hal Blaine and Glen Campbell to name two. To really appreciate the lyrics, you've got to "dig" the genre. Cool Cool Rod by Mr. Gasser and the Wierdos, Shlock Rod by Jan & Dean (featuring uncredited beach boys) are two hillarious looks at the lighter side of the genre while songs such as The Beach Boys, Shutdown or The Tigers, GeeTo Tiger are very well written and individually produced close to 1/2 a million copies. 
Rhino records released a box set a few years ago that included a number of these songs, I highly recommend looking it up. A few groups listed have released greatest hits cd's that can be found through a quick search of the internet. For the harder to find songs, check out ebay or record shops. 
Astronauts (60's)
(the astronauts, behind the beatles and ventures were the most popular act in japan for a number of years) 
Our Car Club (different from Beach Boys version)
Little Ford Ragtop
4:56 Stingray
Happy Ho Daddy (ho dad, slang for hor rodder)
Devil Driver
55 T-Bird
Competition Coupe
In My Car
Chevy Scarfer (instrumental)
Emerald City Bandits (60's)
Full Blown Caddy
New Beats - Tough Little Buggy (60's)
Conny & The Bellhops (60's)
Edgar M. Conrad III (Conny passed away in 1989)
Shot Rod (instr)
Chuck Berry (50's-60's)
My Mustang Ford
No Particular Place To Go
I Want to be Your Driver
Jaguar and Thunderbird
No Money Down
You Can't Catch Me
Hal Blaine (60's)
(Hal Blaine was a session drummer on beach boys, jan & dean, carpenters and partridge family records, played on alot of the song listed on this page)
Green Monster
Nashville Coupe
Mr. Eliminator
Pop The Chute
Gear Change
The Phantom Driver
Gear Stripper
Bit T
The Traps
Drum Brakes
Dueces, T's, Roadsters and Drums
The Blasters (60's)
(still touring as of 2006)
Don't Count on The Looks
Hot Rod Center
Black Pick Up
Little Willys Dragster
Big Green Vet
Long Gone
Steer Wheel Stuck
Bad Rubber
Oil Burner
Chopped and Channeled
Johnny Bond (60's)
Hot Rod Lincoln
Hot Rod Surfin Hootenany
Beach Boys (60's)
Our Car Club
Little Duece Coupe
409 (its a 348ci 59 Chev you hear revving up)
Car Crazy Cutie
Car Club
Custom Machine
This Car of Mine
Cherry Cherry coupe
No Go Show Boat
Ballad of Ole Betsy
Fun Fun Fun
Spirit of America
Jackie Brenston - Rocket 88 (1951)
co written by ike turner. considered by many to be the first rock n roll song
Warner Brothers (60's)
Lynn Bryson (60's)
Big Mean Drag Machine
Stray Cats (80's)
Rev it Up and Go
Built For Speed
Hot Rod Gang
Somethin Else
Johnny Cash - One Piece at a Time (50's)
Challengers (60's)
Hot Rod Show
The Fastest Time
Hot Rod Hootenany
Blonde in the 406
The Chariots (60's)
Tiger in My Tank (instr)
Carol & Cheryl - Go Go GTO (60's)
(sister act. song written by carol connors, terry melcher and jan berry)
Carol  (Annette Kleinbard) was the lead singer of the Teddy Bears who had a 1958 #1 hit with To know Him is To Love Him. She also cowrote Hey Little Cobra and the yultide hit Santas Got a Cobra.
The Chariots (60's)
Tiger in My Tank
Chordettes - No Wheels (50's)
(their biggest hits being "Mr Sandman" and "Lollipop")
Zip Codes (60's)
Fancy Filly From Detroit
Wild Wild Mustang
Super Fine 289
Red Line
Wild Wild Woodie
Dear Henry Ford
Run Little Mustang
Classy Lotus Chassis
Speed Shift
Three Window Coupe
Rally Pak
Mustang Rumble
Commander Cody - Hot Rod Lincoln (70's)
The Competitors (60's)
(produced and written by gary usher)
Little Stick Nomad
Mag Rims
Burt Convy - Chicken (50's)
The Customs (60's)
Nifty 50
54 Corvette
Hot Rod City
Competition Coupe
The Darts (60's)
(featuring glen campbell on lead guitar)
Corn Pone
Hippys Delight
Street Machine
Shop Talk
Hollywood Drag
Top Eliminator
Alky Burner
Detroit Iron
Slauson & Soto
Monkey Do
Ronnie Dawson (50's)
(played drums on hey paula) 
Waxahachie Drag Race
Lola Dee (50's)
Hot Rod Henry
Delicates - Black and White Thunderbird (50's)
(new york city teen girl group)
Del Vikings - Flat Tire (50's)
(their biggest hit being "come go with me")
Dick Dale (60's)
(king of the surf guitar)
Hot Rod Racer
Scavenger 426 Hemi
Wild Wild Mustang
Dragster (instrumental)
Nitro (instrumental)
Mr. Eliminator (instrumental)
Highboy Hauler
Four Banger
Slingshot Scavenger
Haulin Henry
Four on The Floor
Kooky Deuce
Ho Dad Machine
Ronnie & The Daytonas (60's)
(changed their name to the hombres and had a 1968
hit with "Let it all Hang Out")
Antique '32 Studebaker Dictator Coupe
Waxahachie Drag Race
Me and My Woodie
Fastest Car Around
Quater Mile
Hot Rod City
Little Railjob
Little Scramber
Little GTO
Bucket T
Hot Rod Baby
De - Fenders (60's)
Deuces Wild
Taco Wagon
Drag Beat
Movi and Groovin
Skin Driver
Loose Nuts
Little Deuce Coupe
Wheelin Home
Four Banger
Tequila Joe
Rum Runner
Road Runner
The Demonics (80's)
R.I.P. S.T.P
Jesus Chrysler Super Stock
Dune Buggy Denise
Demon Garage
Deke Dickerson (50's)
Hot Rod Queen
A Hot Rodders Lament
Jimmie Dolan - Hot Rod Moma (50's)
Shutdown Douglas (60's)
Woody Walk
Twin Cut Outs
Night Rod
Flash Falcon 
Dovells - Dragster on the Prowl (60's)
(their biggest hit being "The Bristrol Stomp)
The Dragsters (60's)
Hey Little Cobra
Drag Strip USA
Ferrari II
Go Little Tiger
Drag City
Super Charger
Crazy Cobra
Hot Rod Queen
Sting Ray
Duals (60's)
The Big Race
Stick Shift
The Deuce Coupes (60's)
(featuring lolly and pat vegas who went on to form 70's group redbone. redbone hits include witch queen of new orleans, come and get your love)
Smooth Stick
Road Rattler
Tijuana Gasser
Gear Masher
Candy Apple Blue
Satans Chariot
Hay Burner
Dawn Patrol
Monkey Si
Double A Fueler
Night Surfer
Night Prowler
Gear Masher
Golden Earring - Radar Love (70's)
The Flagmen (60's)
Drag Strip USA
Bobby Fuller Four (60's)
(his biggest hit being "I Fought the Law")
Phantom Dragster
KRLA King of the Wheels
The Lonely Dragster (instrumental)
Four Speeds (60's)
(songs written by gary usher (vocals) and roger christian)
My Stingray
Fantastic Baggys (60's)
(featuring p.f. sloan & steve barri, vocaled on jan & dean records and wrote hits such as secert agent man, eve of destruction)
Dragon Lady
Hot Rod
This Little Woodie
Move Out Little Mustang
Johnny Fortune - Dragster (60's)
Annette Funicello (60's)
(yes, beach blanket Annette, who knew she dug the ho dad scene also)
Draggin USA
Custom City
Shutdown Again
Gants - Road Runner (60's)
Mr. Gasser & The Wierdos (60's)
(featuring gary usher among others. album cover art by ed "big daddy" roth)
Hot Rod Hootenany
Fastest Shift Alive
Mr. Gasser
Mad Vette
Termites in My Woodie
Eefen if it Don't Go-Chrome it
Drag Nutz
Chopped Nash
My Coupe Eefen Talks
1947 Avanti
Cherry Top Charlie
Cool Cool Rod
Fink Rod 409
Lonely Little Stocker
3 Cats in a Tub
Ghouls (60's)
Little Old Lady From Transylvinia
Draculas Duece
The Surfer Girls (64)
Draggin Wagon
Johnny Ray Gomez (65)
Go Go Go Barracuda
Curtis Gordon - Draggin (50's)
Alexander & The Greats (60's)
Ho Dang Mustang
Grand Prix (60's)
41 Ford
Candy Apple Buggy
Goin 88
Sammy Hagar - I Can't Drive 55 (80's)
Hondells (60's)
("Little Honda" being their biggest hit, a beach boys cover performed
by studio muscians Gary Usher and Glen Campbell among others)
Hot Rod High
A Guy Without Wheels
Honey Boy Allen - Ford V8 (50's)
The Hot Rodders (60's)
On The Track
Fine 39
27 Tub
Super Charged
The Screamer
Red Hot Rod
Spirit of America
Drag Shoot
Wild Willys
The Screamer
Hot Rod Rog (60's)
(aka: Roger Christian, l.a. dj, cowrote numerous beach boy hits including 409)
Little Street Machine
Repossession Blues
Howlin Wolf - Mr. Highway Man (50's)
The Jaguars (early 60's)
(little known of this group. Song credits to Righteous/Black/Sellers. Very much a Beach Boys sound)
Chevy Shutdown
Jan & Dean (60's)
(jan berry one of the great writers of surf & hot rod music)
Hot Stocker
Drag City
Little Old Lady From Pasadena
Mighty GTO
Bucket T
Deadmans Curve
Move Out Little Mustang
Freeway Flyer
Shlock Rod Part 1&2 (featuring the Beach Boys)
Rockin Little Roadster
Drag Strip Girl
Little Old Ladies Seldom Powershift (instrumental)
Collin Kids - Hot Rod (50's)
Jerry Kole & The Strokers (60's)
My Little Hot Rod
409 Woodie
The Chrome Machine
Pealin Out
The Green Monster
My Model A
Little Black Coupe
Stripped Gears
Stroker the Pursuit
The King Pins (60's) - Rod Hot Rod
Knights (60's)
(one of gary ushers many studio bands)
Hot Rod High
Hot Rod USA
Midnight Auto
Lonely Little Stocker
Buddy Rondell & The Knickerbockers (60's)
Bite Bite Barracuda
Mighty Mighty Barracuda
Kustom Kings (60's)
(featuring bruce johnston)
In My 40 Ford
Clutch Rider
Asphalt Eater
Stick Six
Jive Driver
Tuck and Roll
Super Fine 29
Fire Cracker 400
Little Cobra
Hotty 32
Speed Shifters
Little E - Candy Apple Red Impala (50's)
Robert Levine - Fastest Short in Town (60's)
Susan Lynne (60's)
Don't Drag No More
The Majority (60's)
Shut em Down in London Town
Dave & The Marksmen (60's)
(david marks was an original member of the beach boys)
Kustom Kar Show
Matadors - I Got To Drive (60's)
Wheel Men - School is A Gas (60's)
Three Midniters - Whittier Blvd (50's)
Ministry (80's)
Jesus Built My Hot Rod
Robert Mitchum - The Ballad of Thunder Road (50's)
Nervous Norvus (50's)
Queen - Im in Love With My Car (70's)
Paul Revere (60's)
(numerous hits such as Kicks, Indian Reservation)
Judge GTO Breakaway
Corvair Baby
The Rally Packs (60's)
Bucket Seats
Don Pearly - Drag Race (50's)
Playmates (50's)
Beep Beep (Nash Rambler version)
Beep Beep (Bubbletop Car version)
Louis Prima - Pontiac Blues (50's)
Pyrimids - Custom Caravan (60's)
Ripchords (60's)
(originally a studio group featuring bruce johnston and terry melcher, terry
was doris days son and the only survivor of the manson/tate murders.
johnston later of the beach boys)
3 Window Coupe
This Little Woodie
Bonneville Bonnie
Hey Little Cobra
Red Hot Roadster
Gas Money
Trophy Machine
40 Ford Time
Randy & The Rainbows (60's)
(their big hit being "Denise")
Little Hot Rod Suzie
Road Runners (60's)
(gary usher lead vocals cowritten with roger christian) 
Super Torque 427
The Roadsters (60's)
(cowritten by gary usher)
Mag Rims
Tex Rubinowitz - Hot Rod Man (50's)
Charlie Ryan (60's)
Hot Rod Lincoln
Burlington Chase
The Dart & The Lincoln
Glittering Steel
Hot Rod Guitar
Hot Rod Hades
Hot Rod Harley
Hot Rod Race
Sidecar Cycle
Steel Rock
Cadillac Bounce
Seat Belt Charlie
Deep Purple (70's)
Space Truckin
Highway Star
T Bones ('60's)
(recordings included leon russell, glen campbell, hal blaine among others)
Boss Woody
Bucket Seat Beauty
Chopped Deuce
Five Over
Haulin Henry
Hiboy Hauler
Hot Rod USA
Takin Gas
Thunder Road
Six Banger
Hey Little Cbra
Revvin Buggy
Drag City
Little Deuce Coupe
Big Daddy Stocker
Boss Drag
Competition Coupe
Torque Rod
Bob Moore & The Temps (60's)
Trophy Run
Bruce & Terry (60's)
(bruce johnston later of the beach boys, terry melcher
later produced the byrds)
Custom Machine
I Love You Model T
Charlie Ryan (50's)
Hot Rod Rocket
Hot Rod Hades
Hot Rod Lincoln
Safaris (60's)
(we know them for their hit "Wipe Out")
Hot Rod High
Hot Rod Graveyard (instrumental)
Santas Speed Shop (instrumental)
Boss Barracuda
Waxboard and Woodie
Arlen Sanders - Hopped Up Mustang (60's)
Brian Setzer (80's)
Switchblade 327
Arkie Shipley - Hot Rod Race (1950)
Shutdowns (60's)
Four on the Floor (instrumental)
Beach Buggy
Burning Slicks  (60's)
Midnight Drag
Hard Drivin Man
Leon Smith - Little 40 Ford (60's)
Sonny & The Demons (60's)
Deuce of Deuces
Fender Benders
Satans Angels
Road Kings
Bearing Burners
Wailers Jokers
Road Angels
The Spaniels - Automobiles (60's)
Sportsmen - Hot Rod Hop (50's)
Bruce Springsteen (70's)
Cadillac Ranch
Ram Rod
Thunder Road
Racing in The Streets
Open all Night
Darlington County
Stand On It
Sunset Dragster & Orchestra (60's)
Blown Gasser Blues
Boss T Bird
Dragster Drag
Hot Rod Strip
Stick Shift Jump
Gasser Class
Flashy Jag
Model T Drag
T Bone Blues
Slick 54 Corvette
Super Stocks (60's)
(studio group starring Hal Blaine, Glen Campbell and others)
426 Super Stock
54 Corvette
School is a Drag
T Roadster
Wheelstand (instrumental)
Cheater Slicks
Wild One
Street Machine
Wide Track
4 on the Floor
Draggin Duece
D/Gas Chevy
Readin, Ridin, Racin
Custom Caravan
427 Super Stock
Little Stick Nomad
Ballad of Bonneville
A Guy With Out Wheels
Little Honda
Hot Rod City
Little Nifty Fifty
Trophy Run
Jerry Kole & The Strokers (60's)
My Little Hot Rod
409 Woodie
The Chrome Machine
Pealin Out
The Green Monster
My Model A
Little Black Coupe
Stripped Gears
The Pursuit
Sunsets (60's)
(another gary usher studio group)
My Little Surfin Woodie
The Swingers (60's) - Nitro
(instrumental group)
Tall Tom - Hot Rod is Her Name (50's)
(had minor country hits, retired in '79)
Tigers (60's)
(in 1965, pontiac sold or gave away 450,000 copies)
GeeTo Tiger
The GeeTo Prowl
The Tritides (60's)
Go Mustang
Timers (60's)
(featuring gary usher, brian wilson on vocals)
Competition Coupe
No go Show Boat 
Tokens (60's)
(of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" fame)
My Friends Car
Little Hot Rod Suzie
Little Snow White Coupe
Lets Go to The Dragstrip
Two Cars
My First Set of Wheels
Dirt Track Twister
My Candy Apple Vette
along with versions of beach boy hits:
Little Duece Coupe
Trashmen (60's)
(their big hit being "Surfin Bird")
My Woodie
A Bone
Stick Shift (instrumental)
The Vettes (Bruce Johnston)(60's)
Cheater Slickin
Devile Drivers Theme
Little Ford Ragtop
55 Bird
Super Stock Vette
Happy Hodaddy
Chevy Scarfer
Shutdown King
Devil Driver
Vodoo Green 1 & 2
4.56 Stingray
The Vibrasonics (60's) - Drag Race
Gene Vincent - (50's)
(his biggest hit being "Be Bop a Lula")
Race With The Devil
War - Lowrider (70's)
Robert Williams - Loud Mufflers (50's)
The Winners (60's)
Cops and Rodders
Wolfman Jack - Fremont Drags Intro (60's)
The Woofers (60's)
Drag City
Hot Rod Races
Mister Hot Rod
Wailin Wheels
Ridin The Rails
Little Deuce Coupe
Bench Racer
Dragster on The Prowl
Cool Bash
Down By The Draggin Strip
ZZ Top - She Loves My Automobile (80's)

Pontiac Promo Record By The Tigers

Classic Beach Boys

3 deuces and a 4 speed and a 389

Art Work by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

Featuring Hal Blaine, Glen Campbell and Gary Usher

1964 Hit by Terry Melcher, Bruce Johnston

Hot Rod/Surf Band Hailing From Colorado

1963 Classic Instrumentals

Various Artists 1963

From The 1964 Album Wheels

T Bones 1964

Sounds of The Drags

Your Gonna Drive Me To Drinkin

They Were More Than Shifters

Various Artists 1964

The Little Old Lady With The S/S Dodge

The Ultimate Car Tunes Album

Hal Blaine - Worlds Greatest Drummer

1964 by Sunset Dragster & Orchestra

Featuring Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys

Sounds of The Drags

















Hot Rod Lincoln
Little Deuce Coupe
Hey Little Cobra
Little Old Lady From Pasedena
Dead Man Curve
Fun Fun Fun 
Beep Beep

GeeTo Tiger
Bucket T
Our Car Club
Custom Machine
Car Crazy Cutie
D/Gas Chevy
Super Torque 427
Custom Caravan
This Car of Mine
No Go Show Boat

In My Car
My Woodie
Custom City
Hot Rod Henry
Hot Rod Baby
My Coupe Eefen Talks
Lonely Little Stocker
I Love You Model T
My Friends Car
Little Snow White Coupe

Custom Machine
Our Car Club
Little Deuce Coupe
 Bucket T
GeeTo Tiger
Custom Caravan
Drag City
Super Torque 427


"Dance Dance Dance"